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    Sansevieria cylindrica 3 pcs


    Sansevieria is undemanding to light. It can be positioned away from windows. However, for at least 10 hours a day, it should be exposed to diffused bright light, from the sun or artificial sources. The ambient temperature comfortable for this plant is 10-25 degrees in summer and 10-15 degrees in winter. If the temperature drops to 5 degrees, the plant could die.
    Sansevieria is not demanding for the moisture contained in the soil. It is enough to water it once a week during the warm season. During the dormant period (from the second half of October to the end of February), watering is limited to a minimum, once a month, and consists in slightly wetting the soil lump. Do not spray the plant, as drops of moisture can get into the leaf axils and cause them to rot. It is allowed to wipe the sheet plates with a damp cloth to clean them of dust.
    Water with warm water only.
    Pot h – 9 cm w – 9cm, flower h – 14 cm.

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