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    Sansevieria Hahnii


    Indoor plants in the house create a special atmosphere of coziness and comfort. Also, Sansevieria Hahnii can be a great addition to your interior design or a wonderful gift.
    Temperature. In the spring-summer period, requires temperature in range of 18-25° C. In the autumn-winter period, the temperature should be within 14-16 ° C. In a prolonged drops of temperature, the plant can get sick and die.

    Watering. Moderate soil moisture is required from spring to autumn. In winter, watering is reduced depending on the room temperature. When watering, especially in the cold season, it is unacceptable for water to enter the center of the outlet – this can lead to rotting of the plant. Water with warm water only

    Lighting. Bright, diffused lighting works best. The plant tolerates both light, partial shade and full shade. However you need to know that for variegated sansevierias, bright and intense light is preferable, otherwise when grown in the shade, the bright color of the leaves is lost.
    Pot h-10 cm w-15 cm, flower h-16 cm.

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